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"Climbing Out of the Darkness" A Mother's Personal Experience with Postpartum Depression

Wednesday, 7/9/2014

This article is a wonderful interview of Alicia Glasock and other moms who were able to conquer their postpartum depression. It shares a video and interview of Alicia Glasock, a mother who suffered from postpartum depression. Like many women suffering from this illness, Glasock did not realize her symptoms were normal, had a name or could even be treated. Glasock, and other other moms, described their symptoms, their feelings, and how they sought help to conquer this mental illness.

National 2020 Mom Project Campaign Launches to Address Postpartum Depression by 2020

Monday, 5/20/2013

The California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative (, a non-profit organization committed to increasing and improving maternal mental health awareness, diagnosis and treatment, is launching its national campaign, the 2020 Mom Project (, to bring screening and treatment for maternal mental health disorders by the year 2020.


New Moms with Postpartum Depression More Likely to Seek Help Online

Monday, 4/29/2013

A new study from Case Western Reserve University suggests that women affected by PPD are more likely to seek help if there were professional resources available online. There results showed that many new mothers with PPD didn't seek counseling because of time constraints, not having access to a sitter, the difficulty of driving to and from an appointment, and spend time in a therapy session when there's a newborn at home. Other mothers reported that they avoided seeking help because of the stigma attached to mental illness.

Women Aren't the Only Ones That Can Get Postpartum Depression

Monday, 4/29/2013

Utah dad Joshua Petersen has been arrested after allegedly laying his son, Ryker, on the couch, and shooting him with a rifle. Commonly, whenever we hear about mothers who kill their newborns we think Pospartum Depression. It is hard for us to imagine something like this happening under other circumstances, as we simply cannot imagine that a new mother or father would kill their child for any other reason than that they have descended into the abyss of postpartum depression.


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