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Re-Funding obtained through Kaiser Community Foundation Grant!

Friday, 10/24/2014

Does this sound like you or someone you love?
* Are you feeling more irritable or worried since the birth of your baby?
* Are you pregnant and feeling so overwhelmed with the prospect of becoming a parent that you almost wish you could disappear?
* Did you know that 10 – 20% of women (and men) will experience postpartum depression or anxiety disorders during or after


If you:
1. Had a baby in the last 18 months
2. Are a resident of Western Riverside County
3. Are not feeling as connected to your baby as you think you should;
4. Feel like you are walking on eggshells in your own home because you or your wife or girlfriend is more irritable since becoming pregnant or having a baby.

Call us today at (951) 683-5193 to schedule your free mental health assessment at The Wylie Center, 4164 Brockton Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501.

Through funding from the Kaiser Community Foundation, we are able to provide up to 20 weeks of free mental health treatment services for men and women, including individual and couples therapy because you can feel joy again.

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