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September 2016

An Effective Alternative for Reducing Stress and Depression among African American Women

Monday, 9/12/2016

A Northwestern University pilot study found that mindfulness training can be used to alleviate stress and depressive symptoms among African American women with lower socio-economic status. Mindfulness training includes techniques such as sitting meditation, yoga, mental body scans, and practicing self-awareness. After participating in the study, thirty-one women reported gaining the ability to recognize stressful triggers in their lives; their bodies’ reaction to these triggers; and an overall improvement and increase in well-being. Utilizing mindfulness training to combat stress and depressive symptoms offers an alternative to conventional treatment (e.g. psychotherapy, medication), which are often stigmatized in African American communities while also being financially out-of-reach. For more information on the study and its results, please check out the full article:

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