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October 2014

Re-Funding obtained through Kaiser Community Foundation Grant!

Friday, 10/24/2014

Does this sound like you or someone you love?
* Are you feeling more irritable or worried since the birth of your baby?
* Are you pregnant and feeling so overwhelmed with the prospect of becoming a parent that you almost wish you could disappear?
* Did you know that 10 – 20% of women (and men) will experience postpartum depression or anxiety disorders during or after


If you:
1. Had a baby in the last 18 months
2. Are a resident of Western Riverside County
3. Are not feeling as connected to your baby as you think you should;
4. Feel like you are walking on eggshells in your own home because you or your wife or girlfriend is more irritable since becoming pregnant or having a baby.

Call us today at (951) 683-5193 to schedule your free mental health assessment at The Wylie Center, 4164 Brockton Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501.

Through funding from the Kaiser Community Foundation, we are able to provide up to 20 weeks of free mental health treatment services for men and women, including individual and couples therapy because you can feel joy again.

Treating Depression Before It Becomes Postpartum

Friday, 10/24/2014

Treating Depression Before It Becomes Postpartum


Shortly after the birth of her daughter, Andrea became severely depressed. She was 17 at the time and she didn’t fully understand what she was going through; she just felt like a failure.

Read more click the link below 

Dad's University

Friday, 10/24/2014

Monthly on meeting on Thursday Evenings 6:00-7:15 PM

Early Childhood Training Center 7675 Magnolia Ave.
(Behind Ramona High School off of Jefferson St.)

Contact: Joe Nieto, Coordinator -- 951-352-8290 --

Dad’s University is male involvement program open to fathers, step-fathers, foster fathers, grandfathers, uncles and other male role models. Research shows that children with positive and involved male role models in their lives do better in school and have fewer behavior problems. Dad’s U is       for the father figures of preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders. Please come and check out our group!

Conference for Faith Leader

Friday, 10/24/2014

The Stephan Center • PO Box 77813 • Corona, CA 92877
951.340.1075 • •

A professional education program from Conference for Faith Leaders Series

Regular: $70
Seminarians/Students: $30

Includes materials, professional development hours, breakfast & lunch • 6 hours of Professional Development Hours provided

Payment Options:
Check (Please make payable to: The Stephan Center • PO Box 77813 • Corona, CA 92877)
Credit Card (online registration begins Tuesday, September 23 and closes Friday, October 31)

Workshop & Small Group Options:

Workshops 11:30-12:30

A: Teaching Compassion to Children
B: Compassion in Supporting Seniors
C: Creating a Compassionate Congregation

Small Groups: 1:30-2:30

A: Faith Leader Roles in Fostering Compassion

B: Cultivating Compassion for the Disenfranchised

Friday, November 7, 2014      8:30am—3:00pm
Crosswalk Church 10421 Corporate Drive A • Redlands, CA 92737

Infanticide different than murder: author

Friday, 10/24/2014



Infanticide different than murder: author

With as many as four dead newborns discovered at a storage facility in Winnipeg and no reports of missing infants, the questions remain: Who is their mother? And how did this happen?
Police wouldn't release details of their investigation, but a Winnipeg sociologist who's written a book on mothers who kill their babies has some ideas. "These cases occur extremely rarely," said Kirsten Kramar, a sociology professor at the University of Winnipeg and author of Unwilling Mothers, Unwanted Babies: Infanticide in Canada.

Read More the Article link is below:

‘Do Fathers Matter?’ book says something new

Friday, 10/17/2014

'Do Fathers Matter?' book says something new

St. George Daily Spectrum

In “Do Fathers Matter?” Raeburn tells how, until fairly recently, scholars, parenting experts and pop culture have overlooked the importance of fathers. In the 1970s, some experts even suggested that fathers were “an almost irrelevant entity” in an infant’s world — but did so without really studying father/child interactions.

Motherhood, Mental Illness and Recovery, Stories of Hope

Friday, 10/17/2014

The title of the book is  Motherhood, Mental Illness and Recovery, Stories of Hope, Nikole Benders-Hadi, Mary E. Barber, Editors. 

Angela Burling's chapter begins in Part II, page 127 and is titled Moving Out of Darkness.

If you would like a hard copy, you should write an email to You need to add the ISBN of the book to your message.  The print ISBN is 978-3-319-01317-6.

Sarah Leung, Vancouver mother who killed two newborn sons is found guilty of infanticide, not murder, sentenced to five years in prison

Thursday, 10/9/2014

Article of a woman who was charged with two counts of second degree murder is found guility of a lesser charge of infanticide: a defense used for a woman who “is not fully recovered from the effects of giving birth to the child.”

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